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After over a decade of hard work and refining my craft, I became one of the best intraday equity traders on the Street. During my tenure at Trillium, I received awards for most of my career placing in the Top 10 of the firm out of over 120+ traders and most notably was Trader of the Year in 2020 and 2021 while simultaneously setting records for highest PNL ever in a single year as well as one of the highest lifetime PNLs ever achieved.

Along with performing at such a high level, I also trained dozens of traders, managed the firm’s Chicago office, and presented twice at the annual Traders4ACause conference alongside top panelists from the industry. My passion is elite performance and now I’m sharing the lessons I’ve learned with the world.


It is now my full-time pursuit to maximize my personal growth, distill my findings, and give back at scale to the community. As part of this, I am partnering with some of the best firms, independent traders, and teams in order to learn from them and share their best practices. You get an inside look at what some of the top performers in the industry are doing to be the best versions of themselves.


Due to time constraints, NO – I DO NOT DO ANY MENTORING OF TRADERS AND AM UNABLE TO GIVE ADVICE AT AN INDIVIDUAL LEVEL! While I am flattered and grateful, I do not have the capacity. This blog and my twitter (@theonelanceb) are intended to be how I share what I’ve learned in a scalable manner.


While I wish everyone the best, I am unable to reply back to any emails or messages (trading or philanthropic related).


The current organizations I am involved with are:

Advisor of Trader Development @ SMB Capital:

SMB Capital is co-founded by Mike Bellafiore, author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade and The PlayBookThe firm is a discretionary trading firm dedicated to helping traders grow and become the best trader they can be. SMB provides technology, capital, and some of the best resources in the world such as renowed trading psychologist Brett Steenbarger. As an advisor to the firm, I am helping SMB implement the best practices I’ve learned into their intern program, trader development program, and continuing education with the intention of building the next wave of the firm’s 8-figure annual PNL traders.



Advisor @ Quiq Capital

Quiq Capital is a small business lender that offers working capital to businesses, often faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than traditional lenders. The team is made up of some of the smartest debt underwriters on the Street with decades of lending experience across a wide range of industries and market cycles.



Founder @ The Impact Competition Foundation

The Impact Competition is my true passion and baby. In 2018, I founded The Impact Competition Foundation with the mission of turning students into lifelong volunteers, donors, and socially-minded citizens by empowering the students to solve and implement solutions to social issues in their communities. The Impact Competition is a collegiate case competition that addresses a unique social issue each year, often by directly partnering with an area non-profit. The competition provides a financial incentive for teams of students to brainstorm effective solutions for the most pressing issues affecting the communities they live in, with the winning team receiving a cash prize and additional funds that allow them to fully implement their idea. This type of programming provides an opportunity for students to create a positive real-life solution to a social issue in their community. It offers students an engaging and meaningful experiential learning opportunity in the non-profit sector and provides proof that they can utilize their innovation to positively impact their community.


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