This is a metaphor I used with my trainees and part of the work I did on “meta-learning”. So many people would put so much work into the wrong places. Meta-learning helps make sure you are investing your time efficiently.

Imagine you are stuck in a huge elaborate maze. Success in trading or life is getting out of the maze. What are the best practices to get out of it?

0. Before you even start, try to find the best maze for you and make sure it is possible to escape. If you put me in the “become a basketball star” maze or the “become famous DJ” maze, I stand 0% chance. Not my strengths, and I have no passion or interest in these areas.

1. Seek out the advice from those who have escaped the maze and ideally have taught others how to do so as well. Unbelievably common for rookies not to take advantage of all resources around them.

2. Systematically track and journal what steps you’re taking and where you are trying to go. Every single swing Tiger Woods took on the course or driving range was deliberate and reflected upon.

3. Observe and iterate, iterate, iterate. If you are walking down a dead end, don’t keep walking and hoping it changes.

4. Keep the big picture of where you are trying to go in mind. So many people need to go Northwest, but rather than taking time to make sure they’re on the right path. They have their heads down and are running full speed Southeast.

5️. Don’t become discouraged. Some people will escape on their first try through total luck. Others will never escape without determination and trying again and again and again.

6️. Always question the rules of the maze. Can you just use a machete or a ladder or call in a helicopter pickup while everyone else is running into dead ends?

7️. Paradoxically, remember that you can always quit and choose a better one. You might start down a maze only to realize it was a mistake. Nothing wrong with finding a better maze; a lot is wrong with banging your head against a dead-end maze that you don’t care to complete.

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