As I previously brought up, for many years, I would carry around a notecard with me (before I had an iPhone). Every weekday, I wouldn’t go to sleep until I had written down 3 ideas to get better… no matter how small they were.

Over the course of the year, that means I had 750 more ideas/improvements than the competition. Over a decade, 7500 more. And all of those improvements compound on each other. Some examples include new tech ideas, layout tweaks, trade idea to study, hotkey changes, health changes, blocking distractions.

More examples include reaching out to collaborate with traders, asking questions to top traders, testing new indicators, brainstorming catalysts, upgrading computers, creating new filters, etc. (Ok, that’s enough to spit out on the spot).

Today, I long ago started cataloging in Evernote, and trading isn’t my top priority. But I still keep this habit up. I gathered Ideas on how to improve my health, relationships, and knowledge. For example, I always have a notebook handy on the bus. I make an effort to catch up with people I care about over calls, practice gratitude before each meal, and consistently use my heart rate monitor for zone 2 cardio.

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