My mentor introduced me to an independent 7-figure futures trader, “CS.” He’s a great trader, an even better person, passionately looking to improve his game. He began texting me daily with smart questions, and I happily gave advice seeking nothing in return.

Before long, he has me looking at some goofy stuff I don’t even know the ticker for /HO, /ZC, /6J. “Bro, you’re crazy,” I tell him. Mostly helping him with selectivity: “no, not interested.” “No. No. No… Actually, that yen move is kinda interesting. You’ve got my attention now”

Two days later, Yen mega capitulates, and overnight I became Lance-San, Central Banker of Japan. I immediately text him, I’m going huge in it. The trade ends up my biggest win of the month and makes me not even blink at my silly GME AH news rip.

And when I pulled over Friday to find GME had news, who texted me to make sure I saw since he knew I was short? None other than CS. So many people don’t help others selflessly. I sought nothing in return but a new friend – way underestimating that CS would level up my game as well.

You truly never know where value will come from; default to helping others while expecting nothing and you can only be positively surprised in return. So shoutouts to my mentor and CS.

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