Reflect on and begin tracking your aggregate net PNL when…

  1. You have < 5 hours of sleep.
  2. You are sick.
  3. You are hungover.
  4. You are emotionally distressed.

I easily lost 6-7 FIGURES PER YEAR from those days!

Imagine being paid to take days off! You get to sleep in, get some sun, and relax! 

Grit, a sense of responsibility, and FOMO kept me foolishly coming into the office on those days. I miserably pushed through to the market close, foggy-headed and in a daze. I paid a lot of money to suffer!

I only wisened up in my later years.

Trading offers NO ATTENDANCE medal. Don’t be a hero!

This applies to ALL discretionary traders & is 100% risk-free PNL! The best part is your mental & emotional health will thank you.

Independent traders need rules to avoid this. My “pre-market DRC temp check” helped me do so.

Some days, I’d go in but only to do productive work. 

Firms need to encourage their traders to know when to call it and to have safeguards for impaired trading.

I bet firms and traders easily lose 5%+ Net PNL per year due to the above. 

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