If trying to excel at a skill, you need to surround yourself with the best growth environment possible for developing that skill. That’s why one of my top pieces of advice is to find a shop or skilled trading community. I’d never have succeeded without it.

If you have nobody with an edge to mimic or learn from, your odds of success <1% in trading. Punting odd lots is easy & comfy. But building and joining an optimal environment is hard.

CONVERSELY, AVOID POOR ENVIRONMENTS: You need to surround yourself with the highest caliber possible. This should apply to your gym, the friends & fam you keep around, the city you live in, everything. You must be surrounded by people full of energy dreaming big & TAKING ACTION & accomplishing great things.

PS – Many people ask how to join a firm or build an environment.

Step 1) Get off your ass and figure it out!

Everyone wants answers given to them but can’t bother to even use google. That is part of the challenge. Do you need to be spoon-fed, or do you blaze the trail?

I know which one I was…

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