In light of the New Year, there is one simple practice I’ve been doing for years that I think would add value to anyone’s life: I have a Notes file on my phone for each year and within it I quickly track all the highlights (and lowlights) of each year that I want to have.

Keeping this file takes practically no time, but is a fun tool to look back and see just how many fun memories you have each year and what all the significant events were. It also prevents years from blurring together. And served a reflective purpose when you want to figure out what activities you found memorable and want to do more of, as well as which stressors got you during that year for you to avoid in the next one.

A quick preview of how low maintenance my list is with only phrases and no dates

“Breckenridge w Jess Scott Vic Jeremy paige shelby New Years. Skiing, snowmobile, boreas pass hike. Breckenridge brewery. Trollstigen trail. Snow angels. New Year’s Eve. Skiing. Jess Hachi and izakaya go. Joshua tree. Bryce Canyon W Jess! Cleaver final date night. Mom visit Mike galit. GME week. La scarola w Alexa Molly Alex Clauter Scott.”

For so simple a task, it’s been rewarding enough that I’ve followed this practice for a decade now and it’s amazing to easily reference all the highlights of those years.

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